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We’re going to open our Blog with some of the basics that most people who are new to the hobby usually ask us about.  We’ll spend the next few articles covering the basics of fishing and what equipment it takes to fish the Texas Gulf Coast.  We will focus information on reel selection, how to use a fishing reel, what line to use on a fishing reel, what bait to use, where to fish, how to find fish and what hooks to use.  Today’s topic will be focused on rod selection, after all none of these are any good without a fishing rod to leverage your catch in for capture.

Fishing Poles

You may ask, what is so important about a fishing pole?  It is the primary extension connecting you to your fish and is the most important tool for success.  Sure you can use cane poles or similar cheaply made poles and probably catch a few fish but when that trophy red gets on the line I hate to wrestle them in, only to lose him at the boat over a broken pole.  That’s right poles break, rod seats come apart, reel seats bust and rod guides come loose but you don’t have to have this happen to you with some careful selection and preventative maintenance.

Types of Poles

Let’s talk about types of poles. Most poles these days either are made for bait casting reels or spinning reels.  The difference can easily be identified by the big guide (eyelet) closest to the handle.  Spinning rods have an oversized eye to allow for the line to unravel off the spin reel where bait casters have a much smaller eye.  After selecting the rod type you need to identify whether you want graphite or fiberglass.  Until recently most rods were made from fiberglass.  This fiberglass construction provided flexibility but also strength.  As technology developed and fisherman’s request for more realistic feel on the fish grew, so did the use of graphite rods.  Graphite rods are much more flexible than fiberglass; still provide the same strength but usually a little less durable.  Most of the time your graphite rods will also come with a much heftier price tag than fiberglass.  So when making a reel selection determine will you be using spinning reels or bait casters (both to be covered in our next blog) and then what is more important to you, feeling the fish or a durable brute typically more economical.


Fishing Rod Length

Next we will talk about rod length.  Referring back to the top of the article you read where I mentioned “leverage”, and that’s exactly what rod length selection is about.  Surfcasting rods are long and allow the fisherman to launch the bait very far distances from shore.  Typically a boater on the other hand does not need to cast as far and will choose a much shorter rod for storability and easier use.  Identify what type of casting you will be doing and then select a length based on your needs.

Fishing Rod Line Size

Last selection is line size or rod rating usually identified by lite, medium or heavy.  For inshore fishing most rods will be fine in the medium rating with a line rating of 10-20lbs.  Reserve heavy for offshore , and lite for panfish or freshwater.

Once you get all these questions answered you are ready to pick your rod.  For most fishermen I recommend  a 7’ medium action rod.  This will ensure you have a versatile rod to throw artificials or live bait and can handle most of what the inshore bay throws at you.  Price range for a starter rod should be between $30-50 and there is really no need to go more expensive starting out.

For rod care its simple; a freshwater flush after each use, seasonal inspection of rod guides (circles your line goes thru) and proper storage so the rod is not bent or leaning against anything (can warp rod).

There you have it, the basic of Saltwater Rod selection and basic guide to rod purchasing.  For more detailed questions or information on rod selection, book a trip with Just Cast Charters and we can show you the differences in rods so you can find what is the best combination for you.  Stay tuned for our next blog on reel selection.

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