We have finally escaped the heat of the Texas summer! For many who do not enjoy being out in severe heat or baking in the sun, the fall presents the best opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature! If you are looking to spend some of these cool, fall days out in the Galveston Bay, catching fish with your friends and family, look no farther than Just Cast Charters!


We provide fully inclusive fishing charters for groups and individuals looking to break away from the land and have some fun. Our captains are highly knowledgeable and experienced anglers with a passion for guiding their passengers to adventure. We welcome those with no experience fishing, and seasoned anglers looking to take the lead. We work to customize our passengers trips to ensure all of their desires are being accommodated.


The cool water means it is the peak time of year to catch flounder, redfish, and bull redfish! Redfish are often times one of the most exciting types of fish for anglers to catch. This is because the redfish are smarter than your average fish and will really make you work to catch them. They have been known to use their surroundings, such as jagged rocks, to cut fisherlines and free themselves. Additionally, bull redfish in Galveston can get very large and heavy, making them especially fun catches!


Don’t miss out on some of the best fishing of the year in Galveston, TX! The Gulf is lively with tons of great catches waiting for you to reel them in! If you have and questions or concerns about booking a trip with us, give us a call and find out what we can do for you today!


Whenever you are in the Galveston area and you are looking for the most exciting, all-inclusive fishing charter service, choose Just Cast Charters! We make it easier than ever for you and your friends and family to get out on the water and catch some fish! You show up and “Just Cast!” we do the rest. We have locations in Freeport, Galveston, Kemah, Matagorda, Trinity River, and more. Contact us today to plan your next adventure.


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