Galveston redfish fishing is renowned far and wide for being some of the best fishing in the Gulf and even in the country. This is because the waters are heavily populated with these marvelous fish. They range greatly in size but they make for an excellent day of fishing.


Whenever you are fishing in the Galveston Bay, you might notice that redfish are around for the entire year. While this is true, the prime time to catch Redfish is during fall. This season begins in late September and expands until the end of December. Redfish populations increase in the cooler waters and generally prefer to travel in large schools of over 20 fish. These fish hang out in shallow waters as well as deeper, making them all around a great catch.


In the later months, in the Galveston Bay, you will start to notice an increase in bull redfish. A bull redfish is the term that is used to describe a redfish that has reached maturity and exceeds 27 inches in length.


Catching one these bull redfish can be a challenge, even for experienced anglers, making it more enticing for those looking for an adventure. These fish are intelligent, working with their surroundings to break a fisherman’s line.


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