What is a jetty?

A jetty is a long and typically narrow structure that provides the coastline with a protective barrier from currents and tides. Typically, jetties are made of wood, earth, stone, or concrete. Most often, these structures begin at the shore and stretch into the water.


Jetties are a popular location for bait fish to dwell. This draws larger, predatory fish that feed on bait fish to the water around the jetty, making it a great spot for fishermen to target. Some common fish that are often caught around these man made structures are flounder, shark, speckled trout, and redfish.


Below are a list of tips to keep in mind whenever you are jetty fishing on your fishing trip in Galveston:


Safety: Safety will always need to be your top priority. The captain will advise once it is safe to stand up and start fishing. The Galveston jetties are a short 15 minute boat ride from the marina through the Galveston Ship Channel. Captains do their best to find calmer waters protected by the jetty structure. Once anchored you will be given your tackle for fishing. Always keep 3 points of contact with the boat to prevent falling. Before departing your captain will advise to put tackle away and ensure all passengers are safely seated before pulling anchor..


Switch Up The Bait: Do not tie yourself down to one kind of bait on your fishing trip. If the bait you are using is not getting you the results you are looking for, consider making the switch to a different type of bait. Sometimes, the best way to lure the bigger fish to the area you are fishing in is by first luring out the smaller fish they feed on. Captains will commonly use smaller bait fish caught to entice larger prey.


Stay Near The Rocks: Do not cast your line too far from the jetty itself. Often times people will let their lines stray from the jetty forgetting this is the central location to catch the most fish. Be patient, stay close, and wait for the bite!


Jetty Fishing Charters in Galveston TX

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