Galveston, Texas is a great place to visit with a vast shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico, to the historic homes, museums and of course bay fishing.  If you’re a fishing enthusiast or an angler, Galveston, Texas bay fishing is fun for everyone. When bay fishing in Galveston, it always good to hire and/or consult an experienced fishing guide.  Vacation or sport fishing with a guide will double fun and increase your chances in finding fish with an expert. The question, of Couse is “what you should ask Galveston Fishing Guides.


The first order is determining what type of sport fishing you’d like to do. After making that decision, find the best fishing guide for your desired activity.  Check with family or friends first. A personal recommendation can go a long way. If no one you know has a referral, the next best choice is the Internet. Guides, who want to meet new clients, usually have had an Internet presence.  Most have updated optimized websites and a strong social media presence. Nowadays, a guide’s social media page is one the most critical marketing tools.  This provides it insight into his business. A strong Internet presence reveals the guide is cares about new business.


Once you’ve identified the fishing guide and vetted their social media posts through reviews, it time to make contact.  Your first meeting or call should always include a number of questions.


  1. Get know the guide.  Through contact, evaluate whether or not you’ll get along with the guide.  If you’re planning on spending a day or week with a guide, you’ll need to know for sure if you can get along with he or she.
  2. Find out how long the guide has been in the business:  It will be easier to determine if he’s got the skills you need in Fishing Guide.  Ideally, you want guide with longtime experience. These guides generally have teaching techniques and lots of patience for it
  3. Getting right to the fishing:  Find out what’s it going to cost for the length you want to fish.  What’s all included, food, tackle etc.
  4. Keep communication lines open:  Be very clear on what your expectations are with your guide.  If it’s your for a particular catch or experience. Confirm they’ll provide it.


Choosing the right fishing excursion for yourself can me made easy by a great fishing guide.  At JUST CAST FISHING CHARTERS, our captains are expert fishing guides. They will take you to all the right places for a personal experience to you’ll never forget.  At JUST CAST FISHING CHARTERS, we do everything to create that most memorable fishing experience. Our captains know where the fish are and understand the mechanics of finding the perfect catch.  When it comes to what to ask Galveston Fishing guides, Just Cast Fishing Charters have all the answers. We are true to our name; “Just Cast” we’ll do everything else. Call Just Cast Fishing Charters today.
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