Winter Fishing in the Texas Gulf yields scores of beautiful speckled trout, redfish, flounder and mullet to name of few.  Fish like these are abundant in the winter months. An excellent Fishing charter guide can take you all the spots where the fish can be found. During winter fishing, there are four major factors to consider.  There are called the four M’s, mud, mullet, movement and mobility.


The first keys to success when winter Texas Gulf Coast fishing is locating muddy bottoms.  Muddy bottoms are ideal for winter fishing as mud warms quickly when cold areas subside. Because fish are cold-blooded creatures, they will seek out warmer areas. Also, baitfish travel to muddy bottoms and game fish follow the food. This time of year it really pays to be wading so you can feel the bottom. The presence of shell in the mud is also good, as these transitions and broken bottoms give baitfish places to hide. Another tip while winter fishing is to go out after the cold front has blown through.  That usually yields clear water. This leaves a clear view of muddy bottoms. As a result, baitfish cannot hide. When there are baitfish, there’s a good chance to see game fish.


Mullet are the prime food source during the winter. There is less bait during any other time of year, so you don’t need to be looking for large schools. Finding just a few mullet in an area is a good indication that there will be redfish and trout lurking. It pays to be alert, just like a hunter. You may also see the occasional slick during your Winter Fishing, another good indicator that baitfish and game fish are present.


The second M stands for Mullet.  Mullet fish are a good source of food for game fish. Experts say imitation Mullet works best as lures. If a lure is worked slowly and close to the bottom you’re almost assured of a great catch. Other sources of food for game fish are corkies. Like the imitation mullet lure, the corky lures work well.  Fishing anglers chose from the original corky, which is a 3/4-ounce; soft-bodied lure that’s 3-5/8 inches long or the Fat Boy is 3-1/2 inches long. Both if used properly can get you a trophy-sized game fish.


Movement of the tide is equally as important during winter fishing.  Knowing when the tide has the greatest movement will identify where the fish are.  If you have experience with tide movement and wind chances are you’ll find fish. Ideally, using an experienced captain in charter boating will give you the best opportunity to find game fish.  A charter boat captain knows about water movement and wind. He’ll identify just where to go.


Last mobility, knowing when the fish are moving.  As mentioned earlier fish will look for deeper water and stay where the water is warmest.  When the water begins to warm up, they’ll move to shallower areas. Fish will transition to shallower are then move between cold front.  Locating these areas is a good way to find fish. They usually have muddy bottoms as I said earlier. Where there a muddy bottom there are bait.  Game fish will likely be where the bait is.


Winter fishing along the Texas Gulf Coast is a great time to find game fish.  Whether you’re an amateur or a pro-angler. It is always best, to charter a good Texas fishing boat with an experienced captain.  If you’re planning to go winter fishing on the Texas Gulf, contact Just Cast Fishing charters. Our experienced captains under stand the 4 M’s and have years of experience at it.  Call us today. 409-209-7999
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