The Island of Galveston is located on the southeastern edge of Texas. About an hour south of Houston, TX Galveston is a beachy setting known for all of its exciting attractions. This includes excellent dining and nightlife along the coast and Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier which has a rollercoaster, 15 rides, carnival games and souvenir shops! However, as much as these memorable and loving attractions represent Galveston, one thing is for sure, they are nothing compared to all of the amazing fishing!


At Just Cast Charters we offer a wide variety of different fishing experiences that range in time, location, and more. These trips include 4 hour bay and jetty fishing in Galveston, TX! These trips can be longer if you feel that 4 hours is just not long enough!



If you are not an experienced fisher, you may be unfamiliar with what a jetty is. A jetty is a long and generally more narrow, most often man made, structure that provides the coastline with a strong and protective barrier from currents and tides. While there are some exceptions, most jetties you encounter, freshwater or salt, are made of wood, earth, stone, or concrete. Most often, these structures begin at the shore and stretch into the water. Some jetties will be located with no ties to land and will be like an island.


Jetties are a great place for fishing because they are a popular location for bait fish to dwell. While we do not want to catch these small bait fish, their presence will draw larger, predatory fish that feed on bait fish to the water around the jetty. This makes jetties an excellent help and a a great spot for fishermen to target. Some common fish that are often caught around these man made structures are flounder, shark, speckled trout, and redfish.


Galveston TX Bay

The Galveston Bay offers a different experience than deeper in the Gulf. This is great because it allows you to fish from a smaller boat and to get some of the less aggressive fish. Most often this area is used to haul in trout and redfish! Schedule a charter to find out for yourself!


Just Cast Charters will provide you with all other necessary tools required to get out on the water and catch some big fish! Our experienced captains will do everything they can to ensure you are getting the most out of your trip! Do not waste your time or money on a boring fishing trip, embark on something much better when you choose Just Cast Charters!


It is required that you have a texas fishing license when joining us on one of our exciting, action packed fishing adventures. You can get a fishing license at Academy or Walmart if you do not already have one. This is where you will learn the rules about what fish you can catch, how many you are allowed, and the size requirements to keep the fish. Once you have your fishing license,


Galveston TX Fishing Charter

Whenever you are in the Galveston area and you are looking for the most exciting, all-inclusive fishing charter service, choose Just Cast Charters! We make it easier than ever for you and your friends and family to get out on the water and catch some fish! You show up and “Just Cast!” we do the rest! Contact us today to plan your next adventure!
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