Galveston Jetty Fishing

Come join us at the famous Galveston Bay jetties, an action-packed adventure for fishermen. Stretching out over five miles long and separating Bolivar island from Galveston Island, the jetties provide a safe harbor for ships coming into port. During your trip at the jetties, your Captain will focus on various wrecks and structures where large fish populate. Typical catches on a jetty trip include, Bull Reds (commonly growing over 30″), various Sharks, Speckled Trout, Redfish, Drum, Spanish Mackeral and many other species.


The Galveston jetties are a great place for kids to experience an exciting day as well. Along with a great fishing experience, the kids may even be entertained by dolphins often seen breaching the water. They will see different types of large cargo and cruise ships, ferry boats, and sailboats. The Galveston jetties will provide a memorable experience for the entire family. All tackle, bait, ice, and fish cleaning provided. Sold in 1/2 day (5 hours) and full-day (7-8 hour) trips, our boats are ready to entertain you today.

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